My friend Rob and I made a very hard to do bet bet.  We are going to Vegas with our girlfriends in 3 weeks from now and we both have goals for our body weight.  He wants to lose 10 lbs and I want to gain 10 lbs.  So the be is that he will lose and I will gain in 30 days, the loser pays $100 per pound difference of the two.  So if I gain 8 and he loses 4 he would owe me $400. 

 My goal has been to gain weight for over a year now and I finally have the motivation and strategy for doing it.  I’m reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” and on the blog it refers to Geek to Freak which is the blog of Tim Ferris who gained 34 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks.  It seamed pretty far fetched so I read “The Colorado Experiment” and this doctor has figured out a way to do it using high weight and low sets.

It’s a little more complicated than that but the jist is that it’s hard, very, very…very hard.  I am on week 2 and have gained 3 lbs so far and am very happy with the results so far.

I will post before and after pictures as well as my progress and final #’s later.